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  2. Jul 30, 2023

Human Bone-on-a-Chip: The Future of Personalized Medicine for Osteoporosis

Study in a Sentence: Researchers demonstrated success of an in vitro model of bone remodeling utilizing primary human cells, effectively addressing previous experimental challenges and making important progress for bone disorder research.

Healthy for Humans: The advancement of human-specific bone models paves the way for a better understanding of human bone-related pathologies, such as osteoporosis. Bone-on-a-chip models hold immense promise for understanding the biological mechanisms of bone remodeling and for enhancing safety and effectiveness of therapeutics through more predictive drug testing.

Redefining Research: Animal models often fall short in accurately predicting results observed in human clinical trials. The human-based components used in this novel approach help it overcome these limitations, offering a valuable tool for tailoring drugs to individual patients without interspecies differences.


Vis MAM, Zhao F, Bodelier ESR, et al. Osteogenesis and osteoclastogenesis on a chip: Engineering a self-assembling 3D coculture. Bone. 2023;173:116812. doi:10.1016/j.bone.2023.116812.

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