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  2. Aug 27, 2015

VIDEO: Fecal Matter in Grocery Store Chicken, Too


Evidence of fecal matter was found in all 458 pounds of ground beef recently tested by Consumer Reports. It’s not surprising. A USDA training video obtained by the Physicians Committee reveals that the chicken carcasses soak in “fecal soup” for up to one hour before being packaged for consumers.

In 2012, the Physicians Committee also tested chicken products sold by 15 grocery store chains in 10 U.S. cities for the presence of fecal bacteria. Nearly half of the samples tested positive for fecal bacteria. Our Five Worst Contaminants in Chicken Products report also revealed toxic chemicals and superbugs.

It’s time for the government to finally act on the Physicians Committee’s March 2013 legal petition to the USDA requesting that feces be declared an adulterant and that packaging be labeled appropriately.

The safest choice for consumers is to avoid purchasing, ingesting, or handling chicken products, ground beef, or any animal products for that matter.



Fecal Soup: Poultry Slaughter Procedures

Poultry Slaughter Procedures, a USDA training video, reveals that the chicken slaughtering process ends with carcasses soaking in cold water—"fecal soup"—for up to one hour before being packaged for consumers (starts at 5.21 minutes).

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