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Susan Lavelle, N.P.

Food for Life Instructor

Susan Lavelle, N.P.
It wasn’t just one thing, but the convergence of multiple factors that influenced Susan Lavelle to adopt a plant-based diet. "The compelling scientific evidence that eating plants prevents disease and promotes health was only one reason," Susan explains. "Then, as I became more aware of the environmental, public health, and ethical issues related to animal food production, embracing a plant-based diet seemed like a 'no brainer!'" As a nurse practitioner working in a college health center, Susan never misses an opportunity to underscore the healing power of wholesome plant nutrition when providing health education to her patients. Susan lives in the coastal mountains of California with her adoring vegan husband, majestic herbivore horse, and three fun-loving carnivore cats.

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Monterey Bay and San Jose

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