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Shawnte'e Cotright, BBA, HHC

Food for Life Instructor

Shawnte'e Cotright, BBA, HHC

Shawnte’e Cotright is an entrepreneur (BBA) and rising certified Holistic Health Coach focusing on chronic disease prevention and management to transition clients into a plant-based lifestyle. Believing that real health does not lie in a pill bottle but starts with the food on your plate she started taking Graduate level Holistic Health education courses and it was here that she began understanding the food system (how food can help or harm us and how to use food as medicine). Shawnte’e offers nutrition and health coaching to clients and families and hosts health and wellness events including workshops, lunch and learns, and retreats. Shawnte’e is the founder of 100% Healthier Foods, LLC. To connect with Shawnte’e, please visit

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