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Sharmila Vedam

Food for Life Instructor

Sharmila Vedam

A CPA Passionate about cooking #WFPBNO Food & Healing on this lifestyle

Sharmila Vedam is a CPA/tax accountant by profession, but a passionate cook by choice.  Due to her husband’s shocking diagnosis of a rare autoimmune disease (VKH) which caused blindness in both his eyes, he and Sharmila switched (cold turkey) to this WFPBNO lifestyle in the fall of 2016. Her husband spent hours and hours researching this lifestyle and how it helps to reverse so many different illnesses.  In the last 5 years, she has thrived in recreating primarily Indian dishes into whole food plant-based zero oil versions and has mastered the zero-oil cooking method.  At their home (husband, herself, their daughters, inlaws/parents) everyone is very passionate about leading this lifestyle (both her daughters cook this way) and they educate/help folks to make the switch to this healthy lifestyle.  They also run a private FB group where Sharmila shares all her creations and educational information about this whole food plant-based eating.  Both she and her husband love teaching interested folks how to cook plant-based dishes without oil.  Sharmila is certified in Plant-based Nutrition from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies through ECornell and also a PCRM Food for Life Instructor.  She is a passionate vegan advocate and refuses to eat anything that is not vegan.  Her biggest regret is not knowing about cruelties of dairy farming earlier in her life.  She was also featured in Dr. Barnard’s book “Body in Balance” for reversing Ovarian Cyst and reducing the size of the ovarian fibroids by eating this way.  Sharmila is also a board member of the local IL based Plant based not for profit organization namely PBNM (Plant based Nutrition movement).

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