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Rene Pere

Food for Life Instructor

Rene Pere

Rene is a licensed Occupational Therapist who works with adults living with chronic disease since 1997.  He now thrives off of the benefits of a plant-based diet after experiencing his own health scare.  At age 46, he survived a pulmonary embolism—the development of a blood clot in his right lung.  Standard care lead to 8 months of blood thinners, increased inactivity, and a sizable weight gain.  It was at that point that Rene began to do his own research into the health benefits of food, and the healing power of putting more whole food plants on his plate.

Rene has since earned the designation of Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.  As a Lifetime Partner and trained Food for Life Instructor of PCRM, he is available to share practical skills and knowledge that can help you achieve better health with a whole food plant-based lifestyle.  

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Battle Creek, Michigan

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