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Michelle Bryant

Food for Life Instructor

Michelle Bryant
Michelle began making healthier dietary choices in 2002. At times on her journey, information was scarce and encouragement was almost non-existent. A serious health challenge in 2011, and medication side effects, motivated her to delve further into the nutritional component of her healing. After attending the Food for Life Cancer Survivors and Reversing Diabetes classes she lowered her cholesterol and reversed her pre-diabetic diagnosis. Throughout her journey, Michelle would often facilitate cooking demos/taste tests for family, friends and colleagues who were interested in her recipes and dietary choices. After taking Food for Life classes, becoming a Food for Life Cooking Instructor was a natural next step. "The science is there and I love the guided classes, tasty recipes and the results. I'm living proof that Food for Life works!”

Serving cities and surrounding areas of San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

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