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Mary Sherrill, RN, BSN

Food for Life Instructor

Mary Sherrill, RN, BSN

Mary is a retired RN, wife of 33 years to Clint, and a proud mom to two young adults. Now, she is ready to take on a new role. This led her to the Center for Nutrition Studies with T Colin Campbell's class and onward to earn the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine's Food For Life Instructors certification. Obviously, education is an integral part of wellness. And, of course, prevention ahead of time always makes more sense than treatment after a diagnosis, especially when it comes to our health and families.

Helping direct folks to documentaries and leaders in the Food Revolution movement is a joy. And an extra bonus when attendees of my classes circle back to share the proof with a weight change, a huge smile or improved labwork!

Mary hosts a monthly meeting (movies, speakers, potlucks, books, etc.), "Plant Centered Thriving in Cville" to help people learn of science backed, safer options to the Standard American Diet (SAD). Thriving is still young, but growing every month :)  Join us when you can...

Serving cities and surrounding areas of The Charlottesville area

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