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Lisa Sullivan, R.N.

Food for Life Instructor

Lisa Sullivan, R.N.
Lisa decided to become a health coach after 24 years of practicing nursing and seeing the increase in obesity and chronic diseases in our pediatric and adult populations. Health care focuses on symptom management with medications and invasive procedures as the treatment of choice, with less focus on nutrition and lifestyle management. Lisa is passionate about prevention and want to share this with people who want to improve their health In 2014, Lisa and her husband had their annual physical and found out both of their cholesterol levels were well over 200 and their triglycerides were above normal (despite completing three Ironman triathlons). At the time, Lisa had just completed an eight-hour course called Enhancing Health with Plant-based Nutrition and Lisa and her husband decided that day to incorporate a plant-based diet into our daily lives including fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. After just six months, Lisa's cholesterol dropped from 252 to 168 and her husband's dropped from 212 to 149. Both of their triglycerides dropped 20 points. Astounded by their results Lisa was convinced that she could help others improve their health with diet and lifestyle. This method of eating also cured Lisa's IBS and improved her allergies dramatically. Lisa is eager and ready to be your guide on the side in the journey of everlasting health. Come catch wellness and live a life of joy.

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