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Kelsey Southerland

Food for Life Instructor

Kelsey  Southerland

Kelsey Southerland is a homeschool mama to three precious kiddos with a background in lobbying and public policy at the state and federal level focused on clean energy. Growing up in Texas, tex-mex and bbq ruled the day, with cheese more important than sugar. Her father suffered and died from early onset dementia, which followed first surviving stage 3 colon cancer. No cheeseburger, or enchilada plate is worth that and she has been immensely empowered, amazed and blessed by God's goodness to provide miraculous food for our bodies in the form of plants that we can even grow, save, and harvest from a tiny seed. Her husband is a family doctor and together they team up to be a resource for those interested in regenerating and reclaiming their health on their family farm in upstate (eastern) NY as the 4th generation.

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Washington County and Surrounding

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Food for Life at Gardenworks Farm

Sep 23, 2023  |  1055 County Route 30, Salem, NY 12865, US

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