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Karoline Mueller

Food for Life Instructor

Karoline Mueller

Karoline speaks from personal experience when she claims that eating a healthy plant-based diet leads to a more vibrant life. She struggled for 41 years from obesity and depression. It was during the time she obtained a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Houston that she looked for help. Through vegan friends, she learned about Dr. McDougall and Dr. Ornish and changed her diet to dominantly vegan. Guidance from a psychologist and participation in Nia, yoga, meditation, and more at NiaMoves in Houston provided some relief. Still, joint pain increased and serious health issues threatened.

In 2011, a friend’s cardiac surgery spurred her to go back to Dr. McDougall’s website. This moment was a turning point. She deeply explored information about whole plant-based food and became a Food for Life instructor in 2015. She now teaches plant-based cooking and eating for optimal health, cancer prevention, diabetes, and weight loss. Her passion is hosting Food for Life “house parties” and classes throughout Houston, Texas.

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