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Jill Erickson

Food for Life Instructor

Jill Erickson

Jill Erickson is a Food For Life Instructor and certified Plant Based Nutrition Educator. Jill’s health journey began in 2009 when her mom battled colon cancer, which led Jill slowly into the Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle.  But it wasn’t until her husband’s 100% LAD blockage and miraculous survival in 2016 that Jill awakened fully to the scientific evidence of food and its effects on our health. Jill and husband Joel have been WFPBNO since January 2017, no turning back! Jill’s passion to inform, educate, and coach others in the simple truth that food can be both delicious and health promoting led her to start Rooted Green Wellness, which includes teaching Food For Life classes in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area of Minnesota.

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Minneapolis, MN; Saint Paul, MN

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