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Cheryl Marshall

Food for Life Instructor

Cheryl Marshall

Cheryl Marshall is a certified health coach who encourages her clients to become champions for their own health. She has been applying the principles of a plant-based diet for over 20 years, including raising her four children on a plant-based diet. Her decades of personal experience following a plant-based diet has immensely contributed to her qualifications as a health coach and Food for Life instructor.  Cheryl is also the founder of Vegucan Health & Wellness LLC, an organization designed to encourage healthy habits and long lasting lifestyle changes for individual clients.  She understands firsthand the benefits of eating a plant based diet and how the power of food will greatly improve one’s health and well-being.  Cheryl feels that one of the greatest things about finding her purpose in life is knowing that she can make a difference and inspire progressive change in others; while simultaneously embarking on a personal journey of self improvement and empowerment!

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