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Brandy Cochrane

Food for Life Instructor

Brandy Cochrane

My super power is discovering how plant curious individuals can find simple, creative, and fun ways to eat more plants to improve their health. I am a chef, recipe developer, teacher, author, and founder of the plant-based business owners community Entrepreneur Meal Plan. I am passionate about using the power of plants to improve both the personal and professional lives of individuals.

My fascination with plant-based living began after reading the China Study and converting one of my grandma's cake recipes into a plant-based recipe by using butter beans and dates. Once I saw that it worked, I went down a rabbit hole exploring ways to leverage the textures of plants and building in familiar flavor profiles to create food that anyone could enjoy.  A graduate of Rouxbe's Plant-Based Culinary Program, I have used my knowledge to introduce this healing lifestyle in a way that's fun, accessible and creative. My cookbook, Plant Candy Gathering, shares simple recipes that can be enjoyed by the plant-based committed and the plant curious alike. 

I want to create a narrative that a splash of creativity, a dash of openness, and a lot of spice, can make plant-based living enjoyable and fun! 

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Bronx, New York

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