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Anne Mark, BSN, RN

Food for Life Instructor

Anne Mark, BSN, RN

Hello from the Rocky Mountains USA! I'm Anne Mark and you’ll find me in the kitchen or the greenhouse with plants in hand or in a meal! I'm a Registered Nurse and health coach, ready to teach you all about the joy of plant-based eating. With 40+ years working in hospitals, home care, Case Management, Disease Management and Health Coaching, I have the experience, knowledge, and teaching skills to help you discover how the wide world of plants can make a positive difference in your health and well-being. Along with my family, we changed our lifestyle 7+ years ago and adopted an “all–plants“ approach to eating and drinking our food. I also have a passion for teaching people how to grow their own food. My focus as your Food For Life (FFL) instructor is to help you find what health change needs to happen in your life -- and how whole, plant-based foods can - and will - make you healthy, wealthy and happy! Come join a class, either in-person or online. And make plans to eat! We can't wait to meet you :-)

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Colorado Springs, CO; Woodland Park, CO

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