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Andres Rodriguez, CNA

Food for Life Instructor

Andres Rodriguez, CNA

Andres is a bilingual plant-based nutrition cooking coach, certified nursing assistant, and co-founder of LEADER NFP organization to provide education regarding plant-based lifestyle to prevent or reverse diabetes and heart disease. Andres' life changed dramatically when he and his wife, Nancy, started a plant-based lifestyle in 2011. Andres found plant-based nutrition to be a life-changing experience that helped him lower cholesterol, stop chest pains and emergency room visits, and prevent a repeat of his mother’s history of heart disease and heart surgery.

Now, Andres strives to share his knowledge about heart healthy and plant-based nutrition with others in underserved communities throughout metro Chicago. Andres completed the Plant-Based Nutrition Movement Certificate and is a Licensed Food for Life Instructor with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine providing training sessions in English and Spanish.

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Chicago and surrounding suburbs

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