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Amberlea Childs

Food for Life Instructor

Amberlea Childs

Amberlea is wildly passionate about the power of food and its connection to our health. In 2010, at age 36, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Tired of hearing “what you eat does not matter,” she began researching nutrition and was enlightened while reading The China Study. Amberlea made changes to her diet immediately and moments after her cancer diagnosis, became a vegan. She has been a breast health educator for 10 years and in 2014 became a Food for Life instructor. She specializes in working with cancer patients and families as they journey back to health through a whole-food, plant- based diet. She teaches plant-based cooking/eating for optimal health, cancer prevention, diabetes, and weight loss. She is currently hosting Food for Life “house parties” and classes throughout Southern Wisconsin.

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Southeast Wisconsin and the greater Milwaukee area

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