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Food for Life: Cancer Project

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Plantspiration NFP INC
Johnsburg, IL 60051
United States

Class Dates

Cancer-Fighting Compounds and Immune-Boosting Foods
Wednesday, April 17, 2024 7PM to 8:30PM

Join us for a class that goes beyond nourishment—it's a celebration of colorful, scrumptious, and immune-boosting meals. Indulge in the flavors of health!


Topic: Immune Boosting

  • 🌽 Nutrient-Rich Culinary Journey: Delight in the discovery of immune-boosting recipes designed to tantalize your taste buds while supporting your health.
  • 🌟 Scientific Insights: Gain valuable knowledge backed by scientific research. Understand the link between nutrition, immune function, and cancer prevention.
  • 🤩 Vegan Advantage: Uncover the power of a plant-based diet as studies reveal that vegans exhibit double the natural killer cell activity. Witness how these cells engulf and destroy cancer cells.


 TOPIC: Immune Boosting!

Menu TBD:


🌿 What Sets Us Apart?
This is not your average cooking class! Come for the laughs, stay for the plants! In just 90 minutes, you'll experience:

  • Live food demos and hands-on cooking with Stefanie's expertise.
  • Q&A sessions to address your baurning plant-based questions.
  • Budget-friendly recipes for a low-fat, plant-based lifestyle.
  • Supportive community vibes that make every class a memorable experience.


👩‍🍳 Meet Your Instructor - Stefanie Ignoffo:
Founder of Plantspiration®, Stefanie is a Plant Interventionist, licensed Food For Life instructor with the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine Coach. She brings passion, knowledge, and a sprinkle of humor to make your health journey enjoyable.


🌟 Why Food For Life?

  • Award-winning nutrition education and cooking class program.
  • Innovative, evidence-based approach to combat diet-related chronic diseases.
  • Crafted by physicians, nurses, and registered dietitians.


🎉 Don't miss out on this transformative experience! 🎉

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Your instructor: Stefanie Ignoffo