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Food for Breast Cancer Prevention and Survival

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New Harvest Ministry
1126 Hutson Dr.
Mobile , AL 36609
United States

Class Dates

Foods and Breast Cancer Survival
Sunday, October 22, 2023 05:00pm to 07:00pm

The Food for Breast Cancer Prevent and Survival Class: This is an evidence-based cooking class that will teach you how to prevent breast cancer/ and or survival tips if you have been recently diagnosed. Cancer is the number one killer in the US, and breast cancer is the most common cancer in women other than skin cancer. This class will provide education on the basic concepts of plant-based nutrition, and food demonstration.  This class will teach you to use Food as medicine. Using evidence-based recipes, anyone in your family can prepare these foods. The class will be approximately 2 hours long. The course will be taught by a licensed Food for Life Instructor, dietetic student, and Lifestyle Medicine Professional: Angelia Dickinson, MS, ADC, DipACLM.


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