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Food for Life: Diabetes Initiative

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Gardenworks Farm
1055 County Route 30
Salem, NY 12865
United States

Class Dates

Introduction to How Foods Fight Diabetes
Saturday, June 10, 2023 0200 to 0400

“Low carb, low sugar, no sugar” has been the common wisdom to prevent or manage diabetes, however the latest evidenced based medical literature is showcasing a much more intricate interaction between what we eat and how our body functions with metabolic health at the core of our overall health. It is fascinating what our liver and kidneys do and how they react to each meal of the day according to our meal choices. It is empowering what we can do in our daily life that can make a life-changing difference between forever medicine with side effects, and health and vitality side effect free. In our class we’ll be treated to a short lecture by Dr. Neal Barnard from George Washington University, we’ll discuss and reflect together, and then enjoy a cooking demonstration of 3 practical recipes for getting started. You will receive recipes, PCRM literature on the topic and other helpful documents to keep. 


Enjoy generous sample sizes of the recipes demonstrated.

Bring a friend and save!  2 people = $25 each 1 person = $28

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