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Your Body in Balance

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Class Dates

A Healthy Thyroid
Saturday, February 4, 2023 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

FFL Your Body In Balance: A Healthy Thyroid
Start 2023 off right! Did you know that dietary choices have a surprisingly powerful effect on our hormones and even emotional well-being?

Based on the book "Your Body in Balance: The New Science of Food, Hormones, and Health" by Neal Barnard, MD, this set of classes addresses hormone-related problems, including thyroid issues, menopause symptoms, mood swings, hormone-related cancers, PCOS, and many more. Offered by the Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine and taught by a certified instructor, each class will feature a cooking demo of several easy-to-make and delicious plant-based recipes that can be easily replicated at home. You will also leave with actionable knowledge and valuable nutrition tips that can make a big difference in your health. Bring your appetite and a notebook!

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