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Omree Shuval, RD

Omree Shuval, RD

Omree Shuval earned his master's in the brain and learning. He is a registered dietitian, neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy practitioner, and shiatsu therapist. He is passionate about sharing knowledge of food, behavior, body, and mind.

Mr. Shuval's interest in nutrition began as his parents told him "Eat your veggies!" Mr. Shuval had hoped that his degree in nutrition studies would allow him to tell his parents that he knows best when it comes to dinner and health, but they'll always be his parents--they'll always know best!

After finishing his studies in nutrition, he went on to study additional alternative therapies to incorporate into his practice. As life has its unexpected twists and turns, he had to face his own physical challenges and illnesses when he reached his 40s, which brought him back to nutrition. Since then, he has promoted whole food, plant-based nutrition as a promising way to achieve health while contributing to the environment and the earth.


Flexible Minds
Graafseweg 274
Nijmegen 6532 ZV




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