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Judith Fasone, RN

Judith Fasone, RN

Ms. Fasone is a registered nurse (1989), a board-certified advanced holistic nurse (2012), a health and wellness nurse coach (2012), and a senior Trager practitioner, tutor, and instructor trainee in private practice since 2000.

She aims to empower others to develop satisfying and sustainable relationships with themselves, others, and the Earth. Ms. Fasone values and models "self-care is health care" and teaches her clients how to prevent both illness and facility admissions by integrating body, mind, and nature, promoting the use of a plant-based diet.

Coaching means working together to set manageable goals. Ms. Fasone helps her clients reduce reliance on medications and encourages them to rely more on nutrition to heal and support the body. She can interface with the medical community as well as the alternative community. She encourages movement and is a trained somatic educator, using the Trager Approach and Pilates tenets to gain more relaxation and tone throughout the body.


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