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Ananda Cronin, CNP, NP

Ananda Cronin, CNP, NP

Ms. Cronin has been a family nurse practitioner for more than 20 years and a whole food, plant-based advocate for more than 10. Her experience has shown her that simple dietary changes can prevent, treat, or at least ameliorate many chronic health conditions. She had never “cured” diabetes using carbohydrate counting, but has done so now. She has been deeply moved and impressed at the joyful health improvements seen and experienced by folks willing to clean up their diets. Ms. Cronin earned a plant-based nutrition certificate through eCornell and has attended Dr. John McDougall’s 10-Day Live-In Program. She has read and studied the science extensively, but most important, has utilized it in her clinical practice. She welcomes any new patients who desire support in improving how they feel.


901 Preston Ave., Suite 300
Charlottesville , VA 22903




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