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Virginia Institute of Autism

Food for Life Institution

Hello! I am Stephanie. I am the School Nurse at the Virginia Institute of Autism (VIA) in Charlottesville, VA. Health and Wellness is a priority here at VIA, for not only our learners, but also their families, and our staff. The Food For Life program and PCRM have been such great resources for us to help organize, promote and execute plans to bring health and wellness to our VIA community. I am really excited to share everything I have learned and to provide participants with the knowledge, resources, and power to make healthy choices for themselves and for their own families and communities. It will also open the door for our learners, families, and staff to try new things, meet and/or visit with one another, and reconnect in a way that we haven't been able to connect in a long time... and why not eat some delicious, healthy food while we do that? :)

My favorite FFL Recipe is the Black Bean Chili. It is such a quick and easy meal that excites everyone. This is also an easy recipe to have the kids help out with. If there are ever any leftovers, I love to throw the chili on a baked sweet potato for a quick and easy lunch. 

Another favorite is the Green Monster smoothie. Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to get fruits and vegetables in!!

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