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Rick Rojas

Food for Life Instructor

Rick Rojas

Rick Rojas is the Founder of the POD Lifestyle. He is also a health coach and nutrition consultant. Rick is an author and speaker on nutrition, public health and environmental issues related to the food industry. Rick started his health and fitness career in 1997 as a certified personal trainer, continually updating his education, adding multiple certifications since then. Rick learned about the healing power of nutrition but realized that there were no real solutions out there. He has found that fad diets fall short when it comes to optimal health. He advocates a whole food plant based diet in order to reach optimal health. Rick possesses the following certifications: -Health Coach Certification -Weight Management Certification -Plant Based Nutrition Certification -Plant Based Cooking Certification -Organic Agriculture Certification -Hydroponic Agriculture Certification -Food Safety Certification -Personal Trainer Certification

Serving cities and surrounding areas of San Diego County

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