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Leslie Duram

Food for Life Instructor

Dr. Leslie A. Duram is a Professor of Geography and Environmental Resources and Director of Environmental Studies at Southern Illinois University (SIU) at Carbondale. She has been vegan (plant-based) for eight years. Linking her professional background with her personal interests, Leslie promotes plant-based diets because of their environmental, ethical, and health benefits. She is passionate about educating others to make food choices that have a positive impact on people and the Earth.

Leslie has published 40+ peer-reviewed journal articles and given 60+ conference presentations and guest lectures that address two main environmental topics:  alternative agriculture and grassroots environmental action. Her research illuminates the linkages between individual decision-making, local communities, regional ecology, and national policy initiatives.  Her books include: Environmental Geography: People and the Environment (2018); America Goes Green (2013); The Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable and Local Food (2010); and Good Growing: Why Organic Farming Works (2005).

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Carbondale, Illinois and the Southern Illinois region: Murphysboro, Marion, Carterville, Makanda, Cobden, Anna, etc. Possibly: Champaign-Urbana, Illinois (Central Illinois region)

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