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Catarina Van Der Vyver

Food for Life Instructor

Catarina Van Der Vyver

After switching to a plant-based diet in 2015 for ethical reasons, Catarina was amazed at the unexpected health benefits that she experienced. The positive changes in her overall health and well-being were undeniable. She lost weight, experienced higher energy levels, her cholesterol levels dropped and she no longer suffered from chronic headaches, congestion and digestive issues that had all been caused by consuming meat & dairy. Catarina is passionate about educating and empowering others with the knowledge and science of the plant-based diet and how it helps heal the body and prevent further illness. In particular, she is passionate about influencing mothers and children. Moms are very often the deciders of what is served for dinner and that holds immense power in shaping life habits around food & eating for kids. Laying a healthy foundation is key. Catarina has a growing family of her own and after experiencing a healthy plant-based pregnancy, she is now mom to a healthy, thriving plant-based little girl who is happy, full of energy and so very bright. Catarina enjoys practicing Yoga, Pilates and cardio & strength training.

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Ballito, KZN, South Africa

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