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Betsy Bruns

Food for Life Instructor

Betsy Bruns
After adopting vegan diet in 2012, Betsy’s life changed dramatically. The more unprocessed, low-fat, whole foods she ate, the better life got. Wanting to share this vital information with loved ones, she earned a health coach certification and embarked on a mission to help her family. Unfortunately, dietary intervention came too late for her mother, who passed from colon cancer. On the heels of this loss, Betsy’s sister committed to plant-based eating to avoid a second by-bass surgery and it worked! Betsy’s sister also lost 25 pounds, healed from hypothyroidism, depression and has much better control of her type 1 diabetes. At age 55, she feels better than she has in her lifetime, proving that it’s never too late for change. Betsy loves to inspire and empower others to health, offering coaching and Food for Life Classes in the greater Chicagoland and south western Michigan area. Learn more about Betsy at

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Glen Ellyn

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