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Beth Perera

Food for Life Instructor

Beth Perera oozes health and energy wherever she goes. Lumps in one breast paired with painful arthritic conditions in her feet prompted her to change to a plant-based diet. Within three weeks, the cysts were gone, and within seven months, her feet were normal again. Beth read every book on the subject, watched every documentary, and became a walking, talking billboard for plant-based dietary lifestyles. She earned her Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell in February 2012 and has added several more nutrition and health certifications since*. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in science in computer programming. Beth offers classes around New England and wherever she may be traveling. If everyone only knew how much better they'd feel and how simple the cooking is, everyone would be eating this way! Beth is overjoyed with each new person who takes the leap, leaving animal products behind for a healthier body and a healthier world. (*Additional certifications: Starch Solution Certification from Dr. John McDougall; Diet & Lifestyle Intervention, Food Over Medicine, Women's Health, Men's Health, Children's Health, Weight Loss, "Cancer 101", and Autism certifications from Dr. Pam Popper)

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Vermont

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