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Bari Levin

Food for Life Instructor

Bari Levin

Bari worked as an educator in early childhood development, taught high school English/Social Studies, and co-owned a successful gift business. Afterward, she attended law school, becoming an attorney for the Alabama Supreme Court until her retirement. Subsequently, Bari has focused her efforts on healthy cooking, organic gardening, and community-based food justice/policy issues. After her son recommended she change her eating habits to a plant-based diet, stressing the detriments to one's health, the environment and the welfare of all living things by consuming animal products, Bari has embraced this as a personal philosophy and way of life. A vegan lifestyle has allowed Bari to discover a new world of food choices and experience more energy, more robust health and an enhanced quality of life.

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Montgomery, Millbrook, Prattville, Clanton, Wetumpka, Tuskegee, Auburn, Opelika, Selma, Union Springs, Troy, Greenville

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