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Allison Michna

Food for Life Instructor

Allison Michna
Allison’s life changing introduction to a plant-based diet began back in 2011, when she had the privilege of attending an Engine 2 Immersion in Austin, Texas as a Human Resources Specialist at Whole Foods Market. During the immersion, she was astonished to learn of the profound health benefits of a plant-based diet, eat utterly amazing food, and witness biometric health improvements, within just one week. She returned home anxious to continue her plant-based journey and dedicated her life to spreading the message of a plant-based lifestyle, in honor of her mom, who passed away from lung cancer in 2003. Allison is excited to share her love of simple and delicious plant-based foods with others, and as a Food for Life Instructor, to help people make the connection between improved eating habits and the prevention and reversal of illness that are accepted as inevitable and commonplace within our society. She lives in Chesterton with her husband, two children, and a pug, and her house is always filled with the aroma of wonderful plant-based foods.

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