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Nutrition Education Curriculum

We've made it easy to bring nutrition education into your medical practice.

Looking to bring nutrition education to your patients? The Physicians Committee's nutrition education curriculum makes it easy! This program allows you to invite people with diabetes, weight problems, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or other conditions into your office to learn about the lifesaving effects of healthful eating. Download the free PDF above to get started.

Most sessions include a brief DVD segment. The DVDs are available in the Physicians Committee Shop. The class listing indicates which DVD to use in each class. If you prefer, you can deliver this content yourself, without using a DVD.

Classes include:

  • Session 1. Diabetes
  • Session 2. Overview of the Vegan Diet
  • Session 3. Vegan Diet Planning
  • Session 4. Replacing Meat
  • Session 5. Dairy Alternatives
  • Session 6. Dining Out
  • Session 7. Weight Loss
  • Session 8. Addictive Foods/Understanding Cravings
  • Session 9. Healthy Heart
  • Session 10. Glycemic Index
  • Session 11. Healthy Eating During Work and Travel
  • Session 12. Virtual Grocery Store Tour
  • Session 13. Breast Cancer
  • Session 14. Prostate Cancer
  • Session 15. Favoring Fiber
  • Session 16. Digestive Health
  • Session 17. Hypertension
  • Session 18. Cooking Demonstration (Optional)


Nutrition CME

Build your nutrition knowledge with free online continuing education courses. Accredited for doctors, nurses, health coaches, and dietitians.


International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine

Join us for the International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine and hear the latest research on nutrition and earn continuing medical education credits.


Nutrition Guide for Clinicians

This free mobile app provides expert, evidence-based support to health care professionals of all types. Quickly answer questions on nutrition for disease prevention and treatment for more than 90 conditions including best practices for discussing dietary changes with patients and earn free CME credits from select chapters! 

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