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Kathy Bingham

Food for Life Instructor

Kathy Bingham
Kathy Bingham is a health educator, registered yoga teacher, and Food for Life instructor. Her passion is teaching people about lifestyle medicine so that they may live with vibrant health to achieve their life goals. Kathy recognizes the body is self-healing when it receives the right support from its inhabitant. Key to this support is nourishing the body. She likes to say that "hunger is a signal that your body needs nourishment—not that you need to eat something." And, "If you ask yourself, 'How can I nourish myself?', rather than 'What can I eat?' you will make better food choices." She enjoys teaching how incorporating a plant-based, whole foods diet can support the body in health and healing. Kathy offers Food for Life classes in both English and Spanish.

Serving cities and surrounding areas of CALIFORNIA: West Los Angeles including Santa Monica, Venice, Westwood, Culver City

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