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Promote good nutrition and ethical research while learning valuable skills as a Physicians Committee intern.

Physicians Committee interns not only get to work on a daily basis with our experienced team of doctors, registered dietitians, clinical researchers, and nonprofit professionals, but may also have the opportunity to participate in staff education sessions, Capitol Hill briefings, fundraisers, and other Physicians Committee events. All interns will receive an orientation at the start of their internship and ongoing support from their staff mentor.

For more information, contact the Physicians Committee's Human Resources department at careers [at]

Note: We have filled our internship positions for 2024. Check back here in a few months to see what internships we have available for 2025.

Internship Testimonials

My time as a clinical research intern at the Physicians Committee has provided me with invaluable experience in the practical application of nutrition science. Through interaction with study participants and community members, I gained a more thorough understanding of the barriers to lifestyle change and of strategies on how to effectively communicate advice on transitioning to a plant-based diet to members of the public.

          The projects I was given during my internship were engaging and wide-ranging. But what set the internship apart was being able to contribute to the Physicians Committee’s life-changing and revolutionary work in the field of nutrition and clinical research and working amongst so many leaders in this field. The inspiration I have taken from these great minds and great hearts has greatly influenced my career trajectory.

-Dan Goldstein, Summer 2019 Clinical Research Intern with the Physicians Committee and graduate of University of Pittsburgh

My internship experience with the Physicians Committee’s clinical research team was a breath of fresh air during my studies in the field of sports science and health. I gained many new skills throughout the summer, including the ability to conduct metabolic assessments on research study participants, the ability to analyze the scientific literature on nutrition and the role of whole food plant-based (vegan) diets in preventing and reversing chronic disease, and the ability to present and communicate effectively. I observed first-hand the benefits of this dietary approach in our clinical research participants and our Barnard Medical Center patients and feel more prepared to not only teach others about this way of eating, but also to explain the specific mechanisms behind the efficacy of this dietary approach. I also had the opportunity to collaborate with the clinical research team in the production of eBooks explaining the health benefits of plant-based (vegan) diets and even had the opportunity to collaborate on a scientific research paper. Having the opportunity to develop these skills will really help me as I pursue my master’s degree in the field of public health and nutrition.

In addition to the many professional skills I have developed at the Physicians Committee, I have made many new friends for life and have had the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals in the community of health and plant-based nutrition. The professional connections I have made will follow me for the rest of my career and the personal friendships will last a lifetime.

-Patrick Elliott, Summer 2019 Clinical Research Intern with the Physicians Committee and student in the Sport Science and Health program at Dublin City University, Ireland