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Lorin Harik, MS

Food for Life Instructor

Lorin Harik, MS

Since 2000, Lorin has been dedicated to a vegetarian lifestyle inspired by her compassion for animals and the environment. In 2005, Lorin had the privilege to work as Dr. Barnard’s Executive Assistant where she was immersed in learning about the remarkable health benefits of plant-based eating. Determined to combine her new wealth of knowledge with her passion for dance and exercise to help others enjoy healthy living, Lorin returned to school to complete a Master’s Degree in Health and Exercise Science with a specialization in Nutrition. 

After a successful career in corporate wellness and currently raising a family, Lorin started VHEEP, LLC to focus on supporting active, plant-based lifestyles. In Lorin’s classes, expect to move your body, make connections with your fellow classmates and leave feeling equipped to make easy, nutrient-packed meals. Lorin specializes in teaching Food for Life classes to corporate employees, families, and for private events.

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