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  1. Online Event

12-Week Plant-Based Weight Loss Program

Thursday, Jan. 19 - Thursday, April 6, 2023, 6:45 PM – 8 PM ET (3:45 PM – 5 PM PT)

12-Week Plant-Based Weight Loss Program

Not sure how to lose weight and keep it off? Take charge of your health and learn how a plant-based diet help you reach your goals! 

Vanita and Karen

Join Vanita Rahman, MD, and Karen Smith, RD, CDE, for a 12-week online program designed to provide nutrition education, motivation, and practical tips for weight loss, and receive cookbooks, recipe videos, and more to tackle every step of your weight loss journey! 

Research has shown that a healthy plant-based diet can help reach weight loss goals and reduce the risk of many chronic conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. This 12-week program will tackle everything you need to know to improve your diet and health! Each class on Zoom will feature practical information, inspiring success stories, and opportunities for live interaction with Dr. Rahman and Karen Smith. 

Weekly topics include: 

  • Week 1:  Intro to a Low-Fat, Plant-Based Diet
  • Week 2:  Setting Up for Success with special guest, Stefanie Ignoffo
  • Week 3:  Meal Planning and Cooking Demonstration
  • Week 4:  Importance of Carbohydrates and Fiber 
  • Week 5:  Eating to Prevent and Reverse Insulin Resistance with special guest, Cindy Thompson
  • Week 6:  Is a Plant-Based Diet Adequate?
  • Week 7:  Cravings and Cooking Demonstration 
  • Week 8:  Mindful Eating   
  • Week 9:  How to Navigate Dining Out and Traveling   
  • Week 10:  Can I Really Eat as Much as I Want?
  • Week 11:  Fueling a Healthy Gut   
  • Week 12:  Your Plan for the Future 

Register today to receive free perks, including copies of Simply Plant Based cookbook by Dr. Rahman and Your Body in Balance by Neal Barnard, MD, recipes and recipe videos, and additional nutrition resources! 

Sign up by Jan. 9 to receive a $50 early-bird discount! We hope to see you at the first class on Jan. 19



If you have any questions about this program, please contact us at 202-567-2546.

Plant-Based Weight-Loss Program Testimonial


  1. The Plant-Based Weight Loss Program will not be recorded or available to view on-demand. All classes will be live on Zoom Meetings and will include interactive elements.
  2. Presenter slides will be available to download via a participant portal after each class. 
  3. At the Physicians Committee, we offer many types of programs to accommodate our participants’ needs, preferences, and schedules. Here is a brief description of each program: 
    1. Plant-Based Weight Loss Program is an online program that will run over 12 weeks. There will be 12 weekly classes that will last approximately 75 minutes and will include nutrition education, and live interaction between Physician Committee experts and participants. Each class will cover a different topic related to nutrition and health. Some of the classes will feature live cooking demonstrations. All participants will receive two nutrition books. 
    2. The Fight Diabetes With Food Program is an eight-week online program with weekly sessions that are 60 minutes in length. Each session provides nutrition education. It does not include cooking demonstrations or books. Participants are not able to see each other or engage in real-time conversations with clinicians.