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  1. Online Event

Overcoming Emotional Eating

Wednesdays noon-1pm ET

Binge and Emotional Eating

Join Vanita Rahman, MD, and clinical psychologist Liana Abascal, PhD, for a 12-week online program to help you gain freedom from binge and emotional eating!

The program will help you understand and identify  the patterns that lead to binge and emotional eating and learn strategies to break the cycle. This interactive program is based on well-researched approaches like CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) and will provide skills for dealing with emotions and food cravings. Additional areas will include: increasing mindfulness, letting judgement go, managing setbacks, and plant-based nutrition.

Program Details
  • Dates: every Wednesday from Jan 17 - April 3
  • Time: noon-1pm ET 
  • Cost: $349
What to Expect – Each Session Will Include
  • Developing skills to stop binge and emotional eating
  • Weekly homework and goal setting
  • Check-in to monitor progress
  • Strategies to maintain successes and deal with setbacks
  • Time for Q&A with program instructors
Class Topics:
  1. What are the pros and cons of binge and emotional eating?
  2. What is the relationship between life triggers, diet, and emotional eating?
  3. Tool 1: How to recognize our emotional, rational and wise minds?
  4. Tool 2: The power of dialectical thinking and radical acceptance
  5. Tool 3: What is the role of addictive foods?
  6. Tool 4: Let’s go urge surfing
  7. Tool 5: How can we decrease our vulnerability to emotional eating?
  8. Tool 6: How to build positive emotions and mastery?
  9. Tool 7: What is your crisis survival plan?
  10. Tool 8: What are the pitfalls of comparison making?
  11. Tool 9: How to avoid avoidance behavior?
  12. How to stay successful in the long term

This program will not be recorded or available to view on-demand. All classes will be live on Zoom Meetings and will include interactive elements.

For more information, please call 202-567-2546