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The Physicians Committee

Actors James Franco and Kevin Nealon have joined the Physicians Committee to help pass the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act.

John J. Pippin, M.D., F.A.C.C.
Good Medicine Magazine

Good Medicine Magazine
The Physicians Committee at 30, Past, Present, Future
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Landmark Chemical Legislation Requires Nonanimal Test Methods
Chemical Testing

The Physicians Committee applauds the progress of the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act (CS21). The amended bill will help replace and reduce animal-based chemical tests and increase the use of human-relevant methods.


Tell Congress: Improve Medical Training for our troops
Research & Education

The U.S. Department of Defense continues to train medical personnel in combat trauma courses using animals despite the widespread availability of human-relevant methods such as simulators.

Airway-on-a-Chip May Lead to New Asthma Therapies

Airway-on-a-Chip May Lead to New Asthma Therapies
Breaking Research News

Scientists have recently developed a model of the human airway on a chip, according to a new study in Lab on a Chip

Join the Virtual Rally to Improve Pediatrics Training at Washington University in St. Louis

In Vitro Human Immune Cells Effective in Evaluating New Vaccines
Breaking Research News

Human immune cells may be a new alternative to animals for evaluating new vaccine candidates, according to a study published in ALTEX.

animal used in research

Human Cell Culture Can Predict Potential Toxicity of Drugs and Other Chemicals
Breaking Research News

Primary human cells can be used in place of animals to test environmental and industrial chemicals, according to a new paper published in Nature Biotechnology.

failure in alzheimers research

New Scientific Paper Documents Decades of Failure in the Use of Live Animals for Alzheimer's Disease Research
News Release

One of the most ill-understood and overwhelming diseases is in dire need of new research and prevention strategies, according to a new scientific paper published in the journal ALTEX.

Southern Illinois Universtiy Cancels Plan to Use Pigs

Southern Illinois University Cancels Plan to Use Pigs in Invasive Training Procedures
News Release

Southern Illinois University (SIU) has canceled its plan to use live pigs in its emergency medicine residency program and will instead continue using human-relevant methods.


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Humane Charities

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Guidelines for Human and Animal Research

Advanced Trauma and Life Support Training

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Alternatives in Research

Alternatives in Research and Testing

The shift to nonanimal methods has been rapid. Learn More>

Alternatives in Testing

Alternatives in Education and Training

Animal use in medical education and training. Learn more>

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Animals’ Psychological and Social Lives

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Alternatives in Education

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