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Chuck Carroll exam room podcast host
Chuck Carroll
Chuck shed 265 pounds by conquering food addiction and devoting himself to a healthier lifestyle! Eight years later, he’s maintaining the weight loss by eating a plant-based diet. Going vegan once seemed unthinkable to Chuck, but now it’s going back to eating processed meat and dairy that would be inconceivable.

Neal Barnard M.D.
Neal Barnard, M.D.
Dr. Neal Barnard, a real-life rock star and authority on plant-based living, motivates and inspires both new vegans and those who have been plant-powered for life.


The Exam room podcast with Neal Barnard, M.D. and Chuck Carroll

A Podcast Examining Vegan Nutrition and Medical News

The Exam Room is the ultimate vegan podcast from the Physicians Committee. Dr. Neal Barnard, a real-life rock star and authority on plant-based living, motivates and inspires the vegan-curious and those who have been plant-powered for life. Learn the secrets to radically improving your health as show host “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll, who lost 265 pounds and kept it off, goes one-on-one with others who have transformed their lives. Then dive into the science of a vegan diet! What can eating just one hamburger do to the body? Is cheese really addictive? Plus, recipes and breaking medical news from the Physicians Committee.

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The 300-Pound Vegan: David Carter

Feb 21, 2018

David CarterAt 300 pounds and 6 feet 5 inches tall, David Carter towers over almost everyone he meets. Indeed, Carter is no ordinary vegan. He’s a former NFL player who is using his athletic build and celebrity to erase the stigma that many have about plant-based diets. Full Episode Details >

Live From the Olympics: Vegan Gold Medalist Meagan Duhamel

Feb 21, 2018

Meagan DuhamelFresh off capturing a gold medal at the Olympics, devout vegan Meagan Duhamel joins the show from the Olympic Village in PyeongChang, South Korea. The figure skater is taking extreme measures to keep a plant-based diet at the games, but she tells “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll that they’re working! And who could argue? The Physicians Committee’s own Olympic correspondent is coming home with two medals! Find out what a gold medal meal tastes like and about the vegan options for Olympians competing at the winter games in this bonus episode. Full Episode Details >

Vegan Valentines: Heart Healthy Love

Feb 14, 2018

Heart HealthyFor your heart, every day is Valentine’s Day when you’re eating a plant-based diet. While heart disease kills more Americans every year than accidents, strokes, and diabetes combined, a vegan diet has repeatedly been proven to dramatically decrease your risk of developing the condition. And in some cases, a plant-based diet has even been shown to reverse heart disease. In this episode, you will learn how a vegan diet can help you achieve optimum heart health and how small changes to your diet can make a major positive impact. Join “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll as he welcomes Gretchen Housel, M.S.N., N.P.-C., and registered dietitian Aly Luning from the Barnard Medical Center to hold court on plant-based heart health. Full Episode Details >

Vegan Olympics: Plant-Based Gold

Feb 7, 2018

Vegan OlympicsThe eyes of the world are focusing on Pyeongchang, South Korea, for the Winter Olympics. The best athletes on the planet are descending on the city for two weeks of intense competition following years of grueling training. Among them is vegan figure skater Meagan Duhamel! The defending silver medalist has a leg up on her rivals thanks to a strict plant-based diet. She joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to chronicle the extreme lengths she’s going to maintain a perfect vegan diet while competing. Full Episode Details >

The Football Chef

Feb 2, 2018

The Football Chef vegan podcastTom Brady is defying the odds! The New England Patriots superstar quarterback remains at the top of his game despite turning 40 years old and has no plans to retire anytime soon. Heck, he’s in the Super Bowl again! In the NFL, that level of success at that age is unheard of. Full Episode Details >

Vegan Sports

Jan 31, 2018

The Exam Room Power Up With PlantsA growing number of athletes are turning to plant-based diets to fuel their performance. Everyone from DJ Swearinger of the Washington's football team and some of his NFL brethren to NBA star Kyrie Irving to NASCAR driver Landon Cassill are making the change to take their game to the next level. This episode is dedicated to explaining why athletes are going vegan in droves. Plus, “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll sits down with Swearinger to talk about his decision. Of course, he also had the NFL star make a smoothie. Full Episode Details >

Music and Medicine

Jan 26, 2018

Music and Medicine Exam Room podcastMusic can heal your mind and body. Dr. Barnard and “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll examine the medicinal effects of music, including promising research involving Alzheimer’s patients. Find out why everyone can reap the benefits of song no matter what type of music it is. Also, hear the inspirational story of a woman whose meat-heavy diet nearly proved deadly and how she’s trying to save lives. Full Episode Details >

The Cheese Trap

Jan 24, 2018

exam room cheese trap

It’s one of the unhealthiest foods in the Standard American Diet (SAD). Sadly, it’s also one of the foods that average American consumes the most. That really should come as no surprise, because cheese is super addictive. In fact, the cravings can be so severe that Dr. Neal Barnard refers to it as “dairy crack.”  Full Episode Details >

The Meat-Cancer Connection

Jan 17, 2018

The Meat-Cancer Connection Exam Room Podcast“The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll along with dietitian Lee Crosby and Dr. Steve Neabore from the Barnard Medical Center are devoting this episode to bringing the dangers of meat consumption to light. Lee will also share her own emotional story of finding not one, but two lumps in her breast. It was only then that she learned about the risk of the Standard American Diet. Full Episode Details >

Gut Bacteria 101

Jan 8, 2018

Gut Bacteria Exam Room PodcastIt’s not the most glamorous of subjects, and yet gut bacteria is one of the most talked about health topics online. In fact, our page on the subject is one of the most viewed on the website. So what do you need to know? 

Full Episode Details >


The Incredible Vegan Immune System

Jan. 3, 2018

Vegan Immune System Exam Room Podcast

What effect does a vegan diet have on the immune system? Good question!

We’ll explain how fruits and vegetables not only help to fight off a cold, but also how they can help lower your risk of cancer.  Full Episode Details >

How to Vegan

Jan. 2, 2018

How to Vegan Exam Room PodcastSo you’re ready to go vegan? Now what?

That question is exactly why we’re calling this episode “How to Vegan.” Consider it your guide for the healthiest journey you’ll ever take.

Full Episode Details >

New Year, New You

Jan. 1, 2018

New Year New You Exam Room Podcast

This is the time to hit the reset button on your health. The slate has been wiped clean, and you can make 2018 the year that you truly thrive!

That’s why we’re calling this episode New Year, New You.

Cliché? Yes. But it’s also so very true.  Full Episode Details >

Have a Healthy Holiday and a Very Vegan New Year

Dec. 13, 2017

A Very Vegan New Year Exam Room PodcastThe end of the year is drawing closer and it’s time to start thinking about 2018. How will you take control of your health on January 1? This episode is dedicated to those considering transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Full Episode Details >

A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

Nov. 15, 2017

A Very Vegan Thanksgiving Exam Room PodcastIt’s a vegan Thanksgiving! “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll finds out the ill effects and what really happens to your body when you eat a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, gravy, cheese and more!

Full Episode Details >