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Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

A vegetarian diet is the optimal way to meet your nutritional needs. The key to a healthy vegetarian diet or vegan diet is variety - which includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Find out what you need to know about a plant-based diet:

Vegan Succes Stories

Success Stories

Get inspired by people who made the switch to a vegan diet. Share your experience with us so we can share it with others.  Find out more >

Food for Life Classes

Food for Life Classes

Designed by physicians, nurses, and registered dietitians, we offer cancer, diabetes, and kids classes that focus on the lifesaving effects of healthful eating. Find a class >


21-Day Vegan KickstartMake sustainable dietary changes. Kickstarters receive free daily e-mails for a step-by-step diet makeover, including recipes and nutrition webcasts. Go >

Vegan Kickstart Plus
Get 12 monthly support messages, with nutrition and cooking videos. Sign up >

Vegetarian Starter Kit

Vegetarian Starter Kit

Switching to a vegetarian diet is easier than you think. Go>

En español: Guía de Iniciación una Dieta Vegetariana

The Power PlateThe Power Plate

Discover the four food groups that provide all the good nutrition you need —fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains. Go >


Vegetarian Recipes and Recipe of the Week

Fact Sheets and FAQs

Vegetarian Foods: Powerful for Health

En español:

La Comida Vegetariana: Poderosa para la Salud

Guía de Iniciación para una Dieta Vegetariana

Nutrición y Diabetes

FAQs About Vegetarian Diets
Covers the topics protein, milk, eggs, athletic performance, essential fatty acids, lactose intolerance, calcium absorption rates in foods, vitamin B12, vegetarian diets for correctional facilities, and incorporating vegetarian meals on college campuses.

FAQs About General Nutrition Issues

Raising Vegan Children:

To request literature to accompany you discussion, please visit the Physicians Committee's literature store.

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