The Cheese Trap

The Physicians Committee

Neal Barnard, MD, The Cheese Trap

Cheese—a high-fat, high-cholesterol, and high-sodium topping—is nearly everywhere, from K-12 school lunch rooms to elegant dinner parties. It even has its own aisle at the grocery store. Could steering clear from this product, one that’s a linchpin in the standard American diet, be the catalyst to weight loss, optimal health, and disease prevention?

Neal Barnard, M.D., F.A.C.C., says so. He has published more than 70 clinical research studies and dietary reviews. He’s influenced our nation’s dietary guidelines. He’s filming his fourth PBS special and continues to translate technical research into popular information people can use. 

And in his 18th book, following two New York Times bestsellers, he has a message about cheese: We shouldn’t eat it.

Here’s why:

1. It’s addictive.

2. It’s adding pounds to our waistlines.

3. It’s contributing to our diabetes epidemic, which will soon affect one in three children.

4. It’s draining our economy, but earns government subsidies.

5. Its nutrients come from supplements, which we could easily consume without the added calories, cholesterol, and saturated fat.

If you’re ready to break free from a relationship with a substance that brings you back for more, Dr. Barnard has a 21-day plan and replacement recipes to help you get started.

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