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Three Billboards Confront McDonald’s at Grady Hospital

ATLANTA—Three hard-hitting billboards posted near Grady Memorial Hospital on May 4 urge the hospital to go #FastfFoodFree. According to documents obtained by the Physicians Committee—a nonprofit of 12,000 doctors—Grady’s contract with McDonald’s ends on June 28, 2016. If the space in Grady’s parking garage currently occupied by the fast-food restaurant becomes vacant, the hospital could improve its food environment by expanding its offerings of heart-healthy, plant-based options.

Doctors Rank Hazardous and Healthy Hospital Food Environments

A new report reveals the most hazardous hospital food environments in the United States as well as hospitals that provide healthful meals that can prevent and even reverse chronic disease. Through state open records laws, experts with the Physicians Committee—a nonprofit of 12,000 doctors—obtained patient menus from 24 hospitals and analyzed the menus for the new report. The Physicians Committee also recently obtained a Chick-fil-A contract with the University of Mississippi Medical Center, a McDonald’s contract with Broward General Medical Center in Florida, and a heavily redacted Wendy’s contract from Wexner Medical Center in Ohio.

Doctors to Arby’s: Your Logo is a Hat, Not a Stethoscope

The Physicians Committee is calling out Arby’s for misleading its 263,000 Twitter followers. The company’s recent #meatcraft tweets claimed that “Protein is better in meat form.” The truth is that animal protein is linked to several diseases, while plant protein is not. To protect public health, the Physicians Committee has filed a legal petition asking the Federal Trade Commission to halt this deceptive messaging:

Clowning Around Won’t Save the Laughable Menu at McDonald’s

Ronald McDonald just got a makeover. He’s still a clown hawking junk food, but now he’s dressed up in a blazer and bow tie instead of a jumpsuit. As McDonald’s sales and share values keep going down, it’s pulling out every trick in the book to pump up sales. Rather than improve its product, McDonald’s has kept its menu as stale and deadly as ever.

Breakfast of Chumps

Rather than working to further distinguish itself from the burger-slinging joints, Taco Bell has leapt into a seemingly industry-wide competition to turn breakfast into the worst meal of the day. Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu launched last month, though the company had been hyping up certain items for weeks—especially the Waffle Taco and the A.M. Crunchwrap.