Judi B

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Judi before and afterJudi B

What benefits have you found in a vegan diet? (Reduced pain, higher energy levels, weight loss, etc.)

Reversed my pre-diabetes diagnosis
Got off blood pressure medication (had been on it for about 15 years)
Reduced my cholesterol from 268 to 132
Lost 85 lbs
My Gerd disappeared
The pain in my feet when I'd get up in the morning totally disappeared
Swelling in my legs disappeared
I have considerably increased energy and stamina
I can climb stairs again (something I'd had great difficulty with before)

How did you learn about a plant-based diet, and what motivated you to change your diet?

I'd seen Forks Over Knives and subsequently watched dozens, maybe more, YouTube videos, documentaries, etc. from the doctors showcased in FOK, as well as some others, reinforcing that we don't need animal products to be healthy...it all made such good sense to me. I began looking up vegan meals on YouTube (focused on no oil as well) because I'd never been a cook...I'd been a fast food junkie. This has been a 180 degree shift for me!

My motivation was that I'd lost my son in 2012 and I knew I wanted to be around...to be active and vibrant in his children's lives and to best honor his memory. I know he's very proud of me!

How did the Physicians Committee influence your success? (21-Day Kickstart, Kickstart Plus, Food for Life class, lecture, etc)

The lectures and presentations I've seen on YouTube are amazing. The fact that Dr. Barnard (like Drs Campbell and Esselstyn) was raised on a farm with animals greatly influenced me. They all had paradigm shifts based on what they learned, and if they, with their histories and biases did it, it reinforced that I needed to do it too!!!

What are your new favorite meals?

Veggie chilis; massive salads with lots of veggies and generally some beans, rice or quinoa; pizza with home made sauce, lots of veggies and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast; fajitas; potatoes of any kind...roasted or steamed mostly.