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success stories

Have you lost a significant amount of weight from being on a vegan diet and kept it off? Have you had success in treating diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, migraines, acne, or some other condition with a vegan diet? If so, please share your experience with us so we can share it with others.

KathrynKatherine changed her diet and her life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The true miracle in all of this is that I changed my diet and life literally overnight when I got the diagnosis. I staggered home and began researching dietary cures. Thankfully, I’d had a series of vegetarian cooking classes a couple decades earlier and remembered how great I had felt eating the plant based foods. I hired a plant based dietary counselor, got a regime to follow and sailed through my medical treatments in perfect shape. Read more



PatriciaIt's been two years since Patricia started following a plant-based diet, and her diabetes, angina, weight issues, sugar carvings, low energy, and arthritis are gone.

I have experienced so many good benefits from the low fat vegan lifestyle. For most of my life, I have been 95 lbs more than I am now and had a love affair with sugar since I was 8 years old. I have been on and off diets my entire life but always gained what I had lost plus some. In July 2007, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with my blood sugar 441. The doctors kept throwing more and more medication at me, resulting in 2 shots of Byetta plus 5 pills a day to try to control my diabetes. Read more


JudiEating a plant-based diet, Judi was able to get off her blood pressure medication and has no trouble climbing stairs like she used to.

I'd seen Forks Over Knives and subsequently watched dozens, maybe more, YouTube videos, documentaries, etc. from the doctors showcased in FOK, as well as some others, reinforcing that we don't need animal products to be all made such good sense to me. I began looking up vegan meals on YouTube (focused on no oil as well) because I'd never been a cook...I'd been a fast food junkie.  Read more