3-D-Printing Tumors for Medical Research

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3-D-Printing Tumors for Medical Research

February 5, 2018

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Study in a Sentence: A Swedish biotechnology company called Cellink is branching into the field of 3-D-bioprinting of human tumors for biomedical research by collaborating with French biotechnology company CTI Biotech. CTI Biotech specializes in producing tissues for cancer treatment research. Cellink produces a bioink that allows human cells to survive. The companies can combine their products to create replicas of human tumors specific to each patient.

Healthy for Humans: The bioprinted human tumors can be used to identify drug targets, screen for drug candidates, and make personalized medicine a reality for cancer patients. 

Redefining Research: This industry partnership promises to accelerate cancer research by providing abundant human-relevant cancer tissues and models to replace animals for understanding cancer disease processes and testing candidate treatments.

Tom Turula. Sweden’s hottest biotech startup is now 3D printing tumors to help cure cancer. Business Insider Nordic. Jan 9, 2018. Available at: https://nordic.businessinsider.com/swedens-hottest-biotech-company-cellink-is-launching-a-revolutionary-treatment-for-cancer--/ 

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