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What the Health! NFL’s Trent Williams Goes Vegan!

  July 21, 2017    

Trent Williams goes vegan

Congrats to NFL player Trent Williams who is going vegan to up his game for the 2017 football season! What inspired him? The new documentary What the Health, which I’m glad to be part of!

“I’m bettering my life,” Williams told the Washington Post about his decision to give up animal products. Many athletes are making the same decision, using a completely vegan diet to improve their performance, cut recovery times, and maximize their overall health.

Trent Williams goes vegan

And Williams is not the only Washington athlete to be inspired by What the Health. The Post reports “fellow 300-pound offensive linemen Arie Kouandjio and Isaiah Williams saw the documentary soon after and adjusted their eating habits, Kouandjio going full vegan and Williams committing to a pescatarian diet.”

I’m sure Isaiah will be inspired to go vegan soon! The good news is the team is right here in Washington, D.C., and our experts at the Physicians Committee’s headquarters and the Barnard Medical Center are glad to offer support!

If you’re an athlete interested in improving your performance with a plant-based diet, check out our Food Power for Athletes page.


Hmm.. goat farmer thinks

Hmm.. goat farmer thinks vegan diets are bs. Wonder why?


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