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USDA: Dump Surplus Cheese on Sens. Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton

  December 8, 2016    

Yesterday, members of Congress voted on Texas queso (melted cheese) versus Arkansas cheese dip (Arkansas “won”). Finally, a solution for what the U.S. Department of Agriculture should do with its millions of pounds of surplus cheese: Dump it on Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, the cheese-obsessed senators who started the cheesy rivalry. It’s better than the USDA’s current plan to distribute the disease-causing stuff to federal food programs.


I say let these cheese-loving members of Congress foot the USDA’s $20 million cheese bill. But as a physician, I have to warn them: Typical cheeses are 70 percent fat and are among the foods highest in cholesterol and sodium, exacerbating obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.


The USDA could then take that $20 million and purchase more fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains that will help keep federal food program participants healthy. If you agree, sign our petition telling the USDA not to dump fatty cheese into federal food programs.



No Cheese!!

Stip with the heart stopping cheese. Meat and dairy KILLS and hurts our economy and clogs our health care system with disease unnecessarily!! If you care about people, invest the country's resources in fruits and vegetables!!!

No thanks

No thanks

Our big cheese problem

When do people understand that cheese and all animal products are putting your body in danger, stop this!


Cheese is poison for the human body..saturated fats and salt. Our health care bills go up with the level of consumption. Shame.

Stop dairy dumping

Sen Cruz and Cotton-you can't advocate for smaller government and ask US taxpayers to prop up a dying industry. You want to support dairy, buy the cheese yourself!

Cheese and phat Senators

Disgusting , depraved heathens that make animals suffer for their greed of Cheese ..... hope they convert to the new organic non dairy cheeses soon ?

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