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The Healthiest Podcast Ever

  November 21, 2017    

The Healthiest Podcast Ever

I’m excited to announce that we just launched a podcast: The Exam Room by the Physicians Committee. In each episode, we’ll be examining the knowledge and tools you need to live a long and healthy life.

The show is hosted by “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll who lost 265 pounds and has kept it off for more than eight years with a vegan diet. He’ll speak with inspirational guests who have saved their lives by losing weight and reversing diabetes and other chronic and acute illnesses.

We’ll also talk with doctors and dietitians about the science behind a plant-based diet and review—and sometimes debunk—the latest in medical research. Plus, we’ve got tons of recipes for you to try.  And we’ll even bring in our celebrity friends!

I encourage you to listen to our debut episode, "A Very Vegan Thanksgiving", and become inspired! Be sure to subscribe on iTunes or Google Play and leave us a five-star rating.  Enjoy! 



I love love love your podcast! Truly one of the best out there. I would like to make one comment however: the recipe featured on the gut biome episode had both olive oil and tahini in it. Dr. Barnard, on the Outro, mentioned to avoid oils. Any way to replace that recipe for a healthier one? Regardless, thank you for this podcast. I’m always impatient for the next episode!! ❤️

How to figure out how much fat!

Thank you Chuck for this great podcast!
I have been vegan for years but only now realising the benefits of low fat, I am interested in the previous question about tahini as I often use it as a base with water and lemon to make sauces. I am also wondering about packaged products that contain oil as it turns out my rice milk has oil in it as does the hummous I use. Do you recommend only using products that do not contain oil at all? I have looked on the website and cant seem to find this information.
Thank you again for all your wonderful work.
Best wishes

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