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Indy 500 Fans: Milk Can Wreck Your Health

  May 26, 2017    

Indy 500 Fans

Milk can wreck your health. But the winner of this weekend’s Indianapolis 500—a 500-mile race around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway—will likely down a bottle of milk. It’s a dairy industry tactic meant to market milk to the event’s nearly 7 million fans.

When did things go off track? It started when Indy 500 winner Louis Meyer drank buttermilk after winning in 1936. That’s when the dairy industry raced in.

“An executive with what was then the Milk Foundation was so elated … he vowed to make sure it would be repeated in coming years,” according to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

It mostly has—with a break from 1947 to 1955. But in 1956, the American Dairy Foundation offered the winner $400 for drinking a bottle of milk. Today the bonus is $10,000, according to the Daily Express.

But nobody wins when they drink milk, despite American Dairy Association Indiana’s campaign asking fans to follow this year’s winner by exclaiming “Winners Drink Milk!” as they drink their own glass of milk.

Instead, this year’s winner and fans should follow the lead of 1993 winner Emerson Fittipaldi who turned down milk and opted for orange juice. Or stick to simple hydration, because “Winners Drink Water!”


Vegan for life!

After going vegan 15 years ago my allergies, acne and asthma cleared up. It's not good for human health or the dairy cows who suffer a lifetime of cruelty being impregnated against their will and then have their babies and milk stolen from them. There are lots of delicious plant-based substitutes!

Prostituting oneself for money to sell a dangerous product

People who have read the "China Study" and "Whole" by Dr. Campbell of Cornell know that dairy grows cancer cells, and other research shows dairy triggers diabetes, ear infections, and hundreds of diseases and illnesses. Nothing to be proud of to promote something that's so bad for little children and the elderly. That's the sign of a loser, with no integrity.

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